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Photos? Drone? 3D Matterport? Zillow 3D? Drone Add-Ons? What does it all mean!?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Here at RE PIXS, we pride ourselves on being the largest real estate media company in the Portland Metro area. Not only are we the biggest team overall, but we also offer the most services under one roof. We also have something exciting coming this Spring!


I think by now, everyone who works with us knows we take standard real estate photography- inside and outside of the home, and potentially photographing near by parks or other nearby commodities. These photos would also be what gets put into the virtual tours we send out and get put in the MLS as well. (To learn more about the different types of virtual tours, click here to read our other blog post!) This is what we have become known for, where we started, and what we continue to do! Every single person we hire starts here- its the foundation of our company!

3D Matterport

Secondly, our team is also very experienced in 3D Matterport scans! A 3D Matterport scan is a very high tech, virtual 3D walkthrough of the home. While it can't be done outside, it is such a great way to add value to the home and showcase its best features! Just take a look at the example we have below!

As you can see, these tours are super easy to navigate and you can virtually visit every room in the home from the comfort of your own home. These tours work on all devices and can even be viewed with VR goggles! Not many people know this, but you can take these 3D tours one step further by adding tags on specific features and labeling each room you'd like to highlight. You can also share 360-degree photos on your website and social media when you order a Matterport tour.

Since in-person walkthroughs are limited right now due to COVID-19, we believe Matterport is the best way to market your new listing. We would highly recommend these for all listings. Not only does it allow potential buyers to tour the home, but it also keeps your clients and their family safe since their property can be toured without anyone physically stepping a foot inside! Another great feature of getting one of these walkthrough is that you can also get a floorplan when you get a Matterport scan as well!

Zillow 3D Home Tours and Interactive Floor Plans

We get quite a few questions about these newer Zillow tour options. These are great add-ons to photography that boost your listing on the Zillow platform. A Zillow 3D Home Tour can be captured in 2 ways, with an iPhone or a 3D Theta camera. These "3D" tours are a series of 360-degree photos, usually 1 of each room - you won't get the full walkthrough experience as you do with Matterport. This is the most basic 3D tour option, however, we still recommend this on all properties because your listing will automatically syndicate to Zillow, Redfin and Trulia as soon as you post it on the MLS anyway. You might as well appear higher in the search for the property zip code! Since Zillow is promoting these tours, their algorithm boosts your listing to the top of the search page when users are shopping in that area. Therefore, if you add a Zillow 3D Home tour on your listing it will generate more exposure on We also just recently launched a FREE Zillow Webinar that goes even more in-depth in explaining the benefits of adding these to your listings, how to edit them, and even how to take them yourself!

Internal Video

This service is great to add to properties that have special features inside you want to highlight in-motion, or for properties that have stunning outdoor spaces (since the 3D cameras aren't built for outdoors). Videos are a great addition to any property, and if you offer a video for your clients you will have a better chance at winning the listing since many Realtors don't typically offer this service since it is one of the most expensive add-ons and takes additional time to produce. We would suggest always getting an internal video on large properties (homes 5000+ SQFT), properties that are on a river/lake/oceanfront, and homes that have extravagant outdoor entertainment areas, or properties that have multiple outbuildings.

Drone Services

This has become more popular over the last few years and is a great way of showing off different perspectives of a property that could only be achieved by helicopter in the past. The most important thing to remember when ordering anything with a Drone is to make sure the operator is licensed and insured. There are so many drone operators out there who are not actually licensed, and if they're not licensed you can probably be certain they're not insured either. Not only is it illegal for these drone operators to charge for their services, it also brings up some pretty messy liability issues for everyone involved if the drone were to crash. All drone operators at RE PIXS are FAA licensed UAV pilots and currently hold a $1M accidental damage insurance policy. Check out some of our recent drone footage:

Adding drone services to your listing is a great way to give viewers an idea of the proximity to nearby attractions and an easy way to show off the natural beauty surrounding the property. We highly suggest drone for all high-rise condos in a downtown location, any property within a 10-mile radius of downtown, and for horse properties or homes that have acreage and/or views of the mountain, river, lake, or ocean.

What's even more exiting is that we will be adding a drone add-on feature this Spring!! What that means for you is a service that isn't as expensive or extensive. Normally, a regular drone shoot provides 15-20 photos for $200. With a drone add-on, you get 5-7 additional photos for half the price! We can't wait to launch this for you all! All of our photographers will be fully licensed and insured! We are so excited to off this to you all!!

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