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Preparing a property for a 3D tour

As a realtor, you know that the first impression is everything when it comes to selling a home. With 3D tours becoming more popular in the real estate industry, it's important to make sure your listings stand out. Here are some tips on how to prepare a home for 3D tours:

1. Declutter & Stage the Space: Everything shows up in 3D tours, so it's important to hide wires, shoes, garbage cans, and any other unwanted items. Remove all personal items and focus on creating a clean and neutral space that will appeal to a wide range of buyers. This will also make your space look more spacious and inviting.

2. Leave all Doors Open: Keep closets and storage areas you don't want to show in the tour closed. However, ensure all other doors are open to create a seamless flow between rooms. This will also help the viewer understand the layout of the home.

3. Have a Beautiful/Welcoming Starting Point: The first impression is key, so make sure your entrance is staged beautifully. This will encourage viewers to continue the tour and make them feel welcome.

4. Turn all Lights on and Open all Blinds/Curtains: The more light, the better! Make sure all lights are turned on and all blinds/curtains are open to showcase the home's natural light. This will also make the space look more inviting and spacious.

5. Use Pops of Color: Use pops of color to capture the viewer's attention. This can be achieved by adding colorful accent pillows, flowers on the dining room table, or any other decorative items that will add interest to the space.

6. Communicate with your 3D Camera Operator: Tell your 3D camera operator your favorite areas you want to be featured in the 3D tour and what sites to avoid. They can also provide you with tips on how to make the home look its best on camera.

7. Share your 3D Tour: Once your 3D tour is complete, share it! For businesses, you can link it directly to Google Maps. For real estate, you can share it on social media and the MLS and syndicate it to search engine sites like Zillow/Trulia/Redfin. This will increase your exposure and help your listing stand out among the competition.

In conclusion, preparing a home for a 3D tour requires attention to detail and a little bit of staging. By following these tips, you can make sure your listing stands out and makes a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Overall, adding a 3D tour to your listing is an excellent way to attract more potential buyers and sell homes faster. It provides a virtual open house, increases visibility, saves time and resources, builds trust with buyers, and helps sell homes faster. So, if you're not already using 3D tours in your real estate business, it's time to start!


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