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Stand Out with Twilight Photography!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

If you've never given twilight photos a try, let RE PIXS take some for you! While standard photography can really showcase the home and make it warm and inviting, a twilight shoot can really make the home pop! Here at RE PIXS, we give our clients options! While we personally think that the all natural, right before sunset twilights are certainly the most authentic looking and beautifully, we know it's sometimes not realistic. Read on to see our thoughts on all the different forms of twilight photo shoot and which we love best!

Although twilight photos on their own won't necessarily sell a home, they will grab the attention of buyers searching online. In fact, homes with twilight photos get 3x the clicks online vs properties who do not have them.

Twilight photos are also a great way to update your listing, typically when a listing is updated after a week or two on the market it is considered a "stale listing" generating fewer views the longer the listing has been online. However, Realtors who have updated their listing with twilight photos typically see an increase in views even if a home has been on the market for weeks. Twilight photos are a great way to catch the eye of buyers who may have overlooked the property before.

Twilight photos will get more views, more traffic and are known to get higher offers. One of the main benefits of the twilight photo shoot is that you are highlighting the parts of the home that may not be well portrayed during daylight photos or a day-time showing. If your clients have a wonderful back yard set-up, wouldn't it be great to showcase all the hard work your clients put in to make it special and show potential buyers?!

RE PIXS offers three different twilight services; Standard Twilight Photography, Drone Twilight Photography and Virtual Twilight Photography.

Our most popular twilight service is hands down our Standard Twilight Photography. We utilize the natural light right after sunset and the lights from inside the home, to make real, authentic-looking twilight photographs. This takes place about 15-30 minutes, when there is just enough light to see the images clearly and just enough darkness where the lights from the home really glow. We think this is the most natural and best looking.

Two newer services that RE PIXS has begun to offer is Drone Twilights and Virtual Twilights. Drone Twilights are done the same way as our Standard Twilight Photography. They are a wonderful way to really illuminate the outside of a home and show off all the wonderful features from a birds eye view, so that your potential buyer can really get a full feel of the property in an evening setting. With drone images, we are able to capture more in one photo than your standard "on-the-ground" shoot. Usually showings take place earlier in the day, so the buyers are not able to get that breathtaking view and experience.

Sometimes, sellers are not available to be available in the evening for a twilight shoot or the realtor is unable to attend the appointment (but would really love to be there). This is the reason why we began offering Virtual Twilight shoots! Our experienced and talented editing team is able to transform our already wonderful photos into beautiful twilight images!

Take a look at this before and after photo:

We are still able to capture that pre-sunset glow and create a beautiful image with your photos!

While this is a bit cheaper and a great option if natural twilights are unattainable, you can tell that the edited twilight does not quite have the same effect and glow as the natural twilights. Don't get me wrong- it's still a wonderful option, but doesn't quite capture the full, natural, evening light as a true twilight photo shoot.

Not only will any type of twilight photo shoot bring more attention to your listings, it will also increase your overall online presence, with other seeing all of the services you offer to your clients. It will also make your portfolio look even more professional at your listing appointments!

Still have questions? We would love to answer them for you! Give us a call or send us a text at (971) 295-1676.

Click below to schedule your next twilight shoot with us!

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