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the Basic
Bundle & Save
2 service package

Save up to $30 by booking photography with an additional premium service.

​Choose one premium services

  • Add Drone Photos and SAVE $25! 

  • Add Matterport and SAVE $30!

  • Add Drone Video and SAVE $30!

  • Add Internal Video and SAVE $30!

The Most popular
bundle & Save
3 service Package

Save up to $45 by booking photography with two additional premium services.

​Choose two premium services

  • Drone Photos + Matterport and SAVE $40!

  • Drone Video + Matterport and SAVE $40!

  • Drone Photos + Internal Video and SAVE $45! 

  • Drone Video + Internal Video and SAVE $45!

The top producer
bundle & save
4 service Package

Save up to $55 by booking photography with 3 additional premium services.

​Choose three premium services

  • Drone Photos + Matterport + Internal Video & SAVE $55! 

  • Drone Video + Matterport + Internal Video & SAVE $55! 

Premium Services

Professional Photography

  • $135 exterior photos only

  • $160 for twilight photography 

  • $185 for properties less than 1,000sqft 

  • $235 for properties 1,001-3,000sqft

  • $285 for properties 3,001-5,000sqft

  • Over 5,001sqft call for custom quote

3D Matterport Tours

  • $235 for properties less than 1,000sqft 

  • $285 for properties 1,001-3,000sqft

  • $335 for properties 3,001-5,000sqft

  • $385 for properties 5,001-6,000sqft

  • Over 6,001sqft call for custom quote

Drone Photos Only 

  • $235 for aerial photos only

  • $260 for aerial twilight photos

Drone Video

  • $385 for aerial photos + video

Internal Video

  • $355 for properties up to 3,000sqft

  • $455 for properties 3,001-4,000sqft

  • $555 for properties 4,001-5,000sqft

  • Over 5,001 sqft call for custom quote

Add-On Services

Professional Photography Add-Ons

  • $75 for additional acreage/outbuildings

    • Up to 5 acres​

  • $125 for additional acreage/outbuildings

    • Up to 10 acres​

  • ​$25 per additional location request

    • (restaurants, schools, parks, etc.)

Zillow Tour Add-ons

  • $95 for Zillow 3D Homes

    • Includes Interactive Floor Plan

Room Measurement Add-on

  • Up to 3,000 sq. ft: $35​

  • 3,001-5,000 sq ft: $55

Virtual Tour / Single Property Website

  • $20 Virtual Tour (Branded and Unbranded for the MLS)

3D Matterport Fees

  • 3D Matterport Floor plans:

    • Standard Delivery: $35

    • Rush Delivery: $40​​

  • Matterport Hosting Fees: ​

    • $19.95 Monthly Tour Hosting

    • $100 for 6 Months of Hosting

    • $160 for 1 Year of Hosting

Requested Additional Edits

  • $0.75 billed per minute for object removal, custom color changes, and additional PhotoShop edits.

    • Call or email for estimates

Virtual Staging Edits

  • 1 Virtually Staged Image for $55

  • 3 Virtually Staged Images for $150 ($50/image)

  • 10 Virtually Staged Images for $450 ($45/image)

  • 15 Virtually Staged Images for $600 ($40/image)

  • 20 Virtually Staged Images for $700 ($35/image)

Virtual Twilight Edits

  • 5 Virtual Twilight Images for $175

  • 10 Virtual Twilight Images for $320

  • 20 Virtual Twilight Images for $600


Each Photo Shoot Includes:

  • 24hr Photo Delivery 

  • A minimum of 32 photos

  • High-resolution HDR photographs - in Print Quality, Web, and RMLS Size

  • Blue Skies added to front Exterior photos

  • Photoshop removal of Realtor For Sale Sign

  • Fire added to fireplaces *if requested

  • And most importantly - Happy Sellers!

Each 3D Matterport Includes:

  • ​48Hr Quick Delivery 

  • Branded & Unbranded 3D Tour

  • FREE hosting for 3 months, with monthly or yearly plans available thereafter.

Video Production Includes

(For both Internal Video and Drone Video):​​

  • ​48Hr Delivery 

  • High Definition Branded Video

  • High Definition Unbranded Video

  • Links to post to social media

  • If ordered in conjunction with Photos - Video will be added to your virtual tour.

Rush Orders & Cancellations

  • ​$75 for Rush Orders.

    • Guarantees photos delivery by 10 pm the same day. Rush orders must be booked prior to 12:30 pm.​

  • ​​$75 Cancellation/Reschedule fee per service with less than 24hr notice

    • Please note a $75 fee will incur if the photographer is waiting for a property to be unlocked for more than 15 minutes without prior notice or communication.



We're Happy to Travel!

Our team proudly works all over Oregon and Washington. We have even been flown out to other states to complete requested shoots. We're happy to accommodate any of your travel needs. Give us a call and tell us about your project and we will put together an estimate.


Jobs outside of the Portland Metro area are subject to additional fees for the time and mileage our photographers drive to your shoot location. 

We've set these charges to reimburse our team members for their time, gas, and wear and tear on their vehicles. Travel fees are non-negotiable.


We look forward to working with you!

Regular Travel Fees
  • The first 50 miles (round trip) driven are always on us! No matter where the photoshoot is. 

  • A $5 fuel surcharge is added to all bookings until further notice. This is to help better compensate our photographers to offset the increased gas prices.


  • $0.60/mileage fee outside of 50 miles from Happy Valley (Roundtrip) - If you have a property outside of our service area we will happily photograph it. Call for an exact quote.​


  • Any photoshoot that is outside of a 50-mile radius of Happy Valley will be subject to an additional $75 fee.


  • Any photoshoot that is outside of a 75-mile radius of Happy Valley will be subject to an additional $100 fee.

  • Call us at (971) 295-1676 for travel estimates.

Long Distance Travel Fees
  • Any booking that is scheduled outside of a 100-mile radius will be a custom quote. Please call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

  • Please note that if drive time + shoot time is 8 hours or more, it will constitute an overnight stay for our photographer. We will be happy to give you a quote or answer any questions you may have! 

  • Travel costs, if any, are to be paid upfront prior to your appointment.  

  • Split the difference - if you know of another agent who needs a shoot in the same area as yours we will gladly split travel fees between agents for multiple appointments.


Want even more savings and rewards? We've created an Elite Partnership program for Real Estate Companies, Teams, and Top Producing Realtors who are looking for more than a photography vendor. This program is for those of you who desire to establish a true partnership between our businesses. 

Our Elite Partnership program gives our relationship-based business the ability to become an extension of you and your business. We learn the wants and needs of your business and build a marketing plan together that you'll love. 

Our Elite Client tiers include Silver, Gold, and Platinum to suit the needs of individual agents, teams, and companies.


The minimum initial investment for our Elite Client Partnership is $2,250. 

Why Become Platinum Elite?
  • Discounted Pricing

  • Elite Code for No Deposits on Bookings

  • First priority in bookings and special accommodations

  • Choice of free Virtual Tour or Dropbox delivery

  • Free Zillow Tours (3D OR Walkthrough)

  • Free Room Measurements

  • Free 3D Matterport Floor Plan (when scheduled with 3D Matterport)

  • Exposure on Social Media Outlets

  • Specific shot and edit requests kept on file

  • Photographer preferences

How to Become an Elite Client
  • Spend $20,000 or more in the previous year OR purchase a minimum of 10 bulk shoots to be upgraded to our highest rewards tier, Platinum Elite.

  • Spend $10,000 or more in the previous year to be upgraded to our Gold Elite rewards tier.

  • Spend $5,000 or more in the previous year to be upgraded to our Silver Elite rewards tier.


Elite Client
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