Portland, Oregon - Pricing

Under 1,000 SQ FT = $150

1,001-3,000 SQ FT = $200


3,001-5,000 SQ FT = $250

5,001 SQ FT+ = Custom Quote

Did you know homes that are professionally photographed sell for $3,000 - $11,500 more than homes that are photographed by the agent or homeowner? Now that you know professional photographs are worth much more than they cost, let's talk about our pricing structure here at RE PIXS.


Our pricing starts at $150. Now, that may seem like a lot... but do you realize what that means? It means you'll only be paying .04% of the actual value of these photos. That's like buying something you need from the store in perfect condition that has been marked down 99%! How could you say no? You wouldn't.

Each Photo Shoot Includes:

  • 24hr Photo Delivery 

  • A minimum of 32 photos

  • High-resolution HDR photographs - in Print Quality, Web, and RMLS Size

  • Blue Skies added to front Exterior photos

  • Photoshop removal of Realtor For Sale Sign

  • Fire added to fireplaces *if requested

  • And most importantly - Happy Sellers!

There is no better way to experience a home, than to visit a home....


But, Matterport's 3D imaging may be a close second! Our imaging experts scan your listing and enable viewers to see every angle of the interior of the home. Not only will this pique the interest of a potential buyer, but including it in your tool kit of marketing services will help you win more listings!

Under 1,000 SQ FT = $200

1,001-3,000 SQ FT = $250


3,001-5,000 SQ FT = $300

5,001-6000 SQ FT = $350

6001 SQ FT+ = Custom Quote

Each Matterport Includes:

  • 24Hr Quick Delivery 

  • High Definition 3D Model

  • Links to post to social media

  • And HTML Embed Code for your website

  • If ordered in conjunction with Photos - Matterport will be added to your virtual tour.

  • Tours are hosted for one year, after the initial year there is a $50/year hosting fee.

Each Drone Production Includes:

  • ​48Hr Delivery 

  • High Definition Branded Video

  • High Definition Unbranded Video

  • Links to post to social media

  • If ordered in conjunction with Photos - Video will be added to your virtual tour.

  • $200 Aerial Photos Only​​

  • $345 Aerial Exterior Photos & Video

  • $350 Internal Listing Video Only

  • $450 Exterior/Interior Video Package​

  • Property Boundary Outline Photos- $5 per photo*

* Only available with full drone photo service

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) tells us that 90% of home buyers use the internet to source information on properties. 85% of buyers deem photos “very useful” to their decision making process. These days, photos are being trumped by video, and turning photos into quality real estate videos has never been easier.

Package Pricing
Bulk Package Pricing

We know that a lot of expense goes into making sure your have excellent media for you homes. This is why we are offering discounts for our services- to make your lives easier! 

With our Bulk Pricing Packages, you'll know you're getting the absolute best deal around! They never expire and you can renew at any time at the same price! Email us today if you have more questions! 

  • $25 off ANY 2 full services

  • $50 off ANY 3 full services 

  • $75 off ALL 4 services (Photos, 3D Matterport, Drone Photos & Video)

*Multi-service discounts do not include any add-on services or anything listed in the "Additonal Pricing" Section below 

  • $1,750 - 10 Photo Shoots @ $175/ea

  • $2,225 - 10 Matterports @ $225/ea

  • $3,000 - 10 Drone Shoots @ $300/ea


  • $3,000 - 20 Photo Shoots @ $150/ea

  • $4,000 - 20 Matterports @ $200/ea

  • $6,000 - 20 Drone Shoots @ $295/ea

Package & Bulk Pricing

Additional Pricing

We know that each and every property is unique, and we are happy to help you with extra accommodations. We don't want you to be surprised by any strange additional fees so we have thought of all the different pricing scenarios. Here is our list of those rare occasions that might increase your bill.

  • $100 for Exterior Photos Only

  • $125 for Twilight Exterior Photos Only

  • $100 for Return to Property to rephotograph fee (usually if a room has been remodeled)

  • $50 for Photographs of Additional Outbuildings / Acreage​​​ *

  • $25 each for Zillow 3D Homes or Zillow Home Walkthrough*

  • $20 Matterport floorplan add-on (72 hour delivery)

  • $15 Virtual Tour (Branded and Unbranded for the MLS)

  • ​​$75 Cancellation fee per service- if less than 24hr notice is given


  • A cancellation fee will incur if the photographer is waiting for a property to be unlocked for15 minutes without prior notice.

  • $25 per additional location request (ie; restaurants, schools, parks)


  • Additional Photoshop Edits $5-$25 per photo Depending on complexity. Call for exact quote.​​

  • $75 for Rush Orders. Guarantees photos to you by 10:00 pm same day. This option is not available after the 12:30 pm time slot. *

* Only available with full photography service

Mileage & Outside Portland Job Fees

We're happy to travel wherever you'd like us to! Jobs outside of the Portland Metro area are subject to additional fees for the time and mileage our photographers drive to your shoot location. Please see the compiled list of charges below. We look forward to working with you!

  • The first 50 miles (round trip) driven are always on us! No matter where the photo shoot is. 


  • $0.60/mileage fee outside of 50 miles from Happy Valley (Roundtrip) - If you have a property outside of our service area we will happily photograph it. Call for exact quote.​


  • Any photo shoot that is outside of a 50-mile radius of Happy Valley will be subject to an additional $50fee.


  • Any photo shoot that is outside of a 75-mile radius of Happy Valley will be subject to an additional $75 fee.


  • Any booking that is scheduled outside of a 100-mile radius will be a custom quote. Please call us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. 

  • Please note that if drive time + shoot time is 8 hours or more, it will constitute an overnight stay for our photographer. We will be happy to give you a quote or answer any questions you may have! 



  • RE PIXS Travels wherever you need us to, we've traveled all over the country for photo jobs. If you'd like to fly our experienced team to your location please give us a call and we will get it all set up for you! 



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