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3 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Online Presence

There is a lot of messaging out right now about the real estate market changing, so as an agent I know you are well aware of the shifting environment we've found ourselves in. And honestly, it's kind of scary... right? Culturally we've just gone through some serious shifts over the last few years, due to the pandemic, human rights, politics, and so much more. We could go on and on about all the things we've faced the last few years... and now this? A possible (and probable) recession? An unstable job market? Inflation? Rising interest rates... Gas prices?! Ahhh it's a lot. If you're feeling a little unstable and unsure right now - you're not alone.

Tough times are inevitable. But learning how to pivot and show up differently because of them - is a choice. One that we all as individuals and businesses get to make. The fear and uncertainty you are feeling right now are real and valid. And at the same time this is also an opportunity to show up differently, to try new things that will set yourself apart from the competition and powerful real estate tech.

"If you want a thriving, successful, and recession-proof business then you first need to gain awareness of how you show up online." - Ashley Miles, CEO

Often times when I ask Realtors about their online presence I get a few different responses. Sometimes I'll get the "Oh I don't have time to post online" or "I don't want to post online, I would rather interact with people in person". And at the other end of the spectrum I've seen Realtors burning themselves our posting online constantly without getting any actual tangible leads. I'm sure you've been bombarded with all kinds of marketing and ideas for how you're actually supposed to approach your online presence as a Realtor. And I've got to tell you there is no one size fits all answer. The most important task we have to focus on when it comes to your online presence is how you can show up in a simple and authentic way that honors you as an individual.

As the owner of a 7-figure real estate marketing company, I'm extremely passionate about helping other small businesses put their best foot forward online. AND teaching already stressed buesiness owners that you don't have to have a big following, or become a social media influencer to grow and sustain a meaningful brand online.

Here are my first 3 simple steps to audit your online presence:

1. Make sure your google business is set up and actually ask for reviews

You don't need to have an Instagram, a Facebook, a LinkedIn, a Twitter, a TikTok, and alllll the other social media channels to be relevant online. Although these apps DO help grow your following and can add emmese value to your business they are not absolutely required for you to have a growing online presence. However, in my opinoin a Google Business is a requirement for Real Estate Agents and Small Businesses alike. Think about it... Where do you go to search for litereally anything when you're in a new area? Google right?! Where do you think most buyers and sellers start their search for a Realtor these days? Surprise! It's Google. Click here to set up your Google Business today.

Once your Google Business page is set up it's time to ask for reviews. As a Realtor you've probably had to get used to asking for referrals and reviews so this step might be easy for you. But if the idea of asking for a review scares you - I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be complicated. Write down 5-10 people you've worked with and send them a simple email saying "Hey, I've just created a Google Business Page. I'm working really hard to improve my online presence. Since we had such a great expereience working together would you be willing to help out my small business by leaving a review? (Insert your review link here) It will only take 2 minutes and would mean the world to me!" It's that simple! Every time my business sends this email we get so many amazing reviews. Which helps remind us that we are doing a good job, making a difference, growing our online presence, and also gives us fuel to continue building our brand.

2. Create content your ideal client wants to see

If you already have social media yay! Great work! It's exciting because I know you have a great channel (or channels) that will allow you to share content that will connect you with your ideal clients. The first step to the content creation process is to write down who your ideal client actually is. After you have a clear idea on who your ideal client is, I suggest you write down a few questions you commonly get asked or would get asked by this demographic. What you post online should be answering the questions your ideal client would ask you before they ask! This simple pivot will give your brand some real authority online.

3. Audit your online presence by Googling yourself

This might sound silly, but it is vital to increasing your awareness of how you and your business show up online. You might be surprised at what you come across. When I google my company RE PIXS the first 3 things that pop up are ads from my direct competitors. This gives me insight on who my current competitors are and also gives me the opportunity study and learn how my business shows up in the marketplace. On top of that I can create ads that are even better than my competiton (que excitement for my competitve nature). So, I encourage you to spend a few minutes Googling yourself and your business this week. I bet you'll quickly find a few simple opportunities to enhance your online presence immediately.

And thats it! My 3 simple steps towards enhancing your online presence. If you found this blog post helpful I think you'll be really excited about what I have coming up this fall!!! Eeeeeeek!

In the last 10 years of growing and expanding my 7-figure real estate marketing company I've developed a deep passion for helping Realtors and business owners put their best foot forward online. In the past (and present) this has been done through offering beautiful professional photos, virtual tours, 3D tours, etc. And now this fall we're adding something really special to the mix. One-on-one online presence coaching, with me, Ashley, the CEO and founder of RE PIXS.

This offer will be open to an extremely LIMITED group of Realtors and Business owners who are ready to pivot, adapt, and grow their businesses online during a time when most others will sadly have to close their doors.

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