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Getting Reviews For Your Business: Realtor Edition

As a Realtor and business owner, you know word of mouth is everything! But what about online reviews? We all want them, but what are the best ways to get them and how beneficial can they be? We are taking an inside look into online reviews to help YOU get the most out of your online platforms!

Benefits: If you are looking to try a new food or try something new, what is the first thing you do? I know I go check out the online reviews. I don't want to waste my time on something I won't enjoy, or that has negative reviews and the same can be said for your buyers! According to Review Trackers, 63.6% of consumers will check Google for reviews being trying a new product or service. That means over half of buyers go directly to Google, and if they cannot find you, you won't have that opportunity to sell yourself. Something else that many people aren't aware of is that reviews on Google boost your page to the the top of the list! Free advertising? Now, that's what I like to hear!

Now, what if you do not have or want to set up a Google Business as a Realtor? You're in luck! Review Trackers also tells us that Facebook is the number 2 source of reviews, and that is growing quicker than any other review service. That is GREAT news for you! Facebook is the primary source of media interaction for most Real Estate Agents. If you have a website, that is great, but the reviews will benefit you more on a social media site. So get out there and create your Facebook AND THEN FOLLOW US!

How to get reviews: If you are providing the quality service we know you are, getting reviews will be easy to do! Sometimes it really is as simple as asking. Your clients are happy to share positive reviews of their experiences by telling their friends, family, and giving you referrals. BUT, if you can get them to write it down in an online setting, the probability for buyers to see it exponentially increases!

However, for them to leave you a review online, you also need to do your part to make it easy for them to access. RE PIXS does this frequently by directly linking our review pages to things like promotional emails, and on our website. You may have responded with praise about a photographer or photos and then been asked to leave a review on Facebook directly. These things help out our business SO much, and you can do the same for yours!

Again, all you have to do is ask! You'd be surprised how willing people are to talk about a service they love to use! The links may look a little funny, so we like to link them to text, photos, or embed them in our emails so they seem more appealing. See below for an example!

Link to Google:

What now? So you have a place to put your reviews, now what do you do with them? Well, remember that reviews often speak for themselves. As a Realtor, continue to provide exceptional service, and your clients will be happy to leave positive reviews for you. Make sure to respond quickly to their praises, too! It will only further benefit your review to see your positive and grateful response. In fact, Review Tracker reminds us 80% of customers feel a business cares about them more when they respond to reviews. Ain't that the truth?! I'm sure you're also wondering what to do with a negative review. And while they may happen from time to time, I am happy to report the same premise still applies with negative comments. The polls show that nearly 40% of consumers will still try a business with negative reviews if the business responds to them appropriately (Review Trackers, 2018).

SO, now that you know the basics. Get out there and get some reviews!

And if you're feeling up for it - would you mind leaving us a review?! It means the world to us!

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