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Tools You Need to Succeed in 2022

If you’re like me, you probably feel like 2021 gave you a run for your money. Honestly, after 2020, I thought this last year was going to be smooth sailing… boy was I wrong! 2021 came with many of its own unique challenges, and I remember thinking “will it ever get easier?” and I’ve discovered that the answer is “no”. Challenges in life don’t get easier, they just show up differently. I’m sure after the last couple of years you’ve also realized that there is no way to prevent the unexpected challenges or a magical way to avoid them all together.

There are always going to be things that move us off track, wreck our routines, and throw us for a loop. But at the end of the day, it's not the challenges that hold us back - it’s ourselves. Our success in business and in life is directly related to the way we move through difficult seasons. It’s the way we put one foot in front of the other when we feel like we can’t go another inch.

Although challenges are often difficult, and sometimes unbearable… even the worst seasons aren’t actually bad at all. They teach us what we’re made of, what we’re capable of overcoming, and how strong we truly are. These seasons push us to grow, adapt, and pivot in ways we never would on our own. If you’ve had a year (like me) that has completely thrown you off course, it's okay, you’re not alone.

After 10 years in business (ahh that makes me sentimental) I’ve learned that there are a few specific tools you need to master in order to succeed.

  • Confidence that you have everything inside of you to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

  • A clear vision so that you know what you’re working towards both personally and professionally

  • Awareness of your bad habits and clarity on what holds you back

  • The ability to extract what is in your head and heart and put it onto paper and into motion

  • An Intentional Plan for your week that will help move you forward

  • And a routine that works specifically for you to promote consistency

You’re probably thinking “yeah that all sounds great in theory… but where do I start?”

That’s where I come in! I’ve curated a set of lessons in The Intentional Week Mini-Course that teaches these exact skills. My hope is that these simple tactics will help you skip some of the hardships that I’ve experienced along the way, and put you on the fast track towards creating a business and life that you love.

Maybe you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey, maybe you’ve been in business for a while and are just feeling off-kilter, or maybe you don’t have a business at all! Either way, the tools I share in this mini-course will help you lay the foundation for curating an intentional life.

If you’re done with the excuses and ready to make this year the best year yet, (In business and in life!) I have an opportunity for you, right here, right now, that will help you realign with your purpose and move towards the life of your dreams! And best of all? You have it in you. All of it.

Everything you need to create the life you’ve always wanted is within you waiting to break free. I know so because I’ve been in your shoes. There was no magic wand or secret trick that helped me on this journey. However, there are new skills, new habits, and new ways of thinking that have truly changed my life. I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how I clear the brain-clutter, plan my weeks, pivot when challenges arise and make space to live intentionally in this mini-course.

If you need help getting back on track, then The Intentional Week Mini-course is just for you!

Sign up for The Intentional Week mini-course today!

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