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Look Inside Ashley's Life...

If you've been around for a while, then you know RE PIXS is a woman-owned and operated business! BUT there may be a few things about how we got started that you may be wondering about. Ashley, our founder, and CEO started RE PIXS after realizing there was a strong need for Real Estate Agents to have a full-service team available to take photos of their listings. Ashley started out by working at the front desk of a well-known Real Estate company here in Portland. Knowing she always had a passion for photography, she began to take a few photos of listings for those agents. That's really when things began to shift...

Ashley's idea to start RE PIXS quickly took off and became successful. She created partnerships in the community and was landing lifetime clients left and right, simply because of the genuine relationships she had built around her. Now, RE PIXS is the largest Real Estate media production team in the Portland Metro area, and it is all because of Ashley's tenacity to do things differently and serve agents.

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Now, you may be wondering what makes Ashley so different? And while I could write an entire novel about this topic, there are a few key details I will share now. Remember how I said this business is the largest of its kind in Portland? Did you know RE PIXS had never done any paid marketing until a few months ago? That is because of Ashley's amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life. If you know her, you know I mean it when I say she considers every human beautiful and unique, and she will ALWAYS put their needs above her own.

As our CEO, Ashley leads with grace, compassion, and a desire to put people first in her business. This rings true for our clients, our team, and in the community. It is uncommon to find a leader with such compassion, but also a sharp mind with an ability to see issues from multiple lenses. Ashley is our automation QUEEN, the entire Technology Department, and also oversees all day to day operations. Always working to improve herself and the business, Ashley has even scaled a mountain in complete silence in order to prioritize her life and goals! She is a true entrepreneur, meaning she can do anything she sets her mind to, and I mean that!

Outside of work, Ashley is known for her generosity and heart. She is constantly scaling the globe in search of meaningful ways to give back to those less fortunate. Every year, she travels to Nicaragua, leading mission teams, and providing much-needed assistance in their communities. This last Christmas, she took on a lofty goal to bless 10 families with a wonderful Christmas, and she exceeded her goals!

When she isn't on mission trips, enjoying tasty food, or working, Ashley can be found in her garden with her giant dog, Wellington. Yes, she can do that too and has quite the green thumb! If you'd like to follow along with her journey, follow her on Instagram HERE! Ashley is always on the go, whether it's traveling, hiking, biking, or perusing Homegoods, she likes to be moving and productive and usually does so with a tea in hand!

When I asked Amanda, our Director of Operations what she likes most about working for Ashley she said, "Since I have known Ashley for over 10 years, I have seen the business grow from the start. The amount of love and kindness she puts into all aspects of work - her team, her clients, her baseline of operating a business - is so unique and refreshing. I am so proud to be a part of RE PIXS because of who Ashley is as a leader and as a friend".

Ashley, THANK YOU for being YOU. For your heart, your spirit, and your dedication toward making this world a better place.


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