Keys to Intentional Work-Life Balance

In our service-based industry, it’s important to put the needs of our clients and employees at the top of our priority list, however, when there are always “fires” to put out (which has been constant for all of us this year) it becomes easy to find ourselves getting so frustrated at the end of the workday. As a Realtor, chances are high that you have spent the majority of your energy helping others throughout the day, and there may not be much left in your tank to finish all of your important tasks. Let alone the ability to muster up time and energy to pour into yourself, your family, and your friends. It's easy for anyone to get stuck in these ruts, but especially so for a hardworking people-loving Realtor such as yourself.


Can you relate to all of that? Have you found yourself feeling like you’re treading water lately? Or maybe like you’re being pulled in a thousand different directions but not making real meaningful progress towards anything? This last year has been a doozy for all of us. We have had to adjust to so many new things! And chances are that you might be feeling a little off-kilter lately, just like us. So we whipped up this blog post as a reminder to all of our fellow hustlers that *now* is a great time to put down your phone, turn off the notifications for just a moment and take some time to pause, reflect on your week, and intentionally plan your upcoming week.

Being intentional is great in theory but can be complicated to put into practice. That's just it, being intentional is a practice, it’s a skill we learn over time and one that we must keep showing up for over and over again. We will never get it right the first time around, and that is okay! But we wanted to give you a few tips and tricks to help ease into an intentional lifestyle.

Key #1: Get it out of your head and onto paper (or your favorite notes app)

There is something so freeing about getting alllll of our to-dos down on paper. Let’s jump right in! Get out a piece of scratch paper, your favorite notebook, or your phone and set a timer for 15 minutes to list out every single task you can think of that’s been on your mind. Make sure your to-dos include important items other than work tasks too! We suggest writing out things you WANT to do just as much as you write out things you HAVE to do. Your to-do list should ideally be a balance of big tasks and small tasks, along with exciting tasks and mundane tasks! When you're doing this separate your tasks into 3 categories:

  • Work Tasks (list anything and everything possible that are directly work-related)

  • Home & Personal Tasks (list chores around the home and personal appointments, etc.)

  • Future Plans & Dreams (list big things you're working towards and dreams that you want to accomplish someday in both personal and work arenas)

After the 15 minutes "brain dump" is up spend some time reviewing your list, circle 3 things that are the most important to complete first. Write these 3 important tasks on another line of your paper and break down each item into smaller bite-size pieces and get ready to schedule them into your upcoming week. You can use your phone calendar or the weekly time-blocking template we created for you.

Get a jump start on feeling prepared, focused, and intentional with our FREE Brain Dump & Time-Blocking Template below!

Key #2: Make plans that fill your soul, not just your schedule.

One of the best ways to live an intentional life is to know what lights you up. Think about which activities, things, and people fill your life with joy, and then schedule them into your week. There is no wrong or right answer here! And it’s different for all of us. Are you a person that loves spending time in nature? Schedule a short walk or hike into your week. Do you love to read? Set aside intentional time to read! Have you been meaning to call and check in on a friend? Or sit and play with your kids? Whatever it is, schedule it in! We suggest that you add at least one soul-filling activity each week - and make sure it’s non-negotiable!

Key #3: Focus on tasks that move you forward & make them a part of your routine

It’s easy to get caught up in the monotonous work tasks that we all have, like returning voicemails, checking emails, etc. Before you get stuck in this cycle take some time at the beginning of your week to make an intentional plan that encourages a routine that will move the needle in your life. After all - it's not the big projects we complete that will change our lives, it's the results from what we show up and do consistently over time that will truly transform our lives. In our FREE weekly planner template, there is a space to write in your "routines that move the needle", whether you use this template or not it's vital that you take the time to pinpoint tasks and routines that will move you forward in your life and your career. Routines that "move the needle" typically take as little as 15 minutes to an hour each day that will have a direct impact when compounded at the end of the week. These could be routines such as working out or stretching your body, meditating or spending time in prayer, organizing your desk space (especially if you are like us and work from the dining room table these days), planning your week/day, eating a nutritious meal, planning social media content, following up on leads, etc.

Key #4: Actually schedule it

Often times we fail to plan not because we don't know how to plan out our days but because we often don't carve out the time to. When there is a lot going on our soul-filling tasks, and healthy routines that move the needle typically take a back seat because we're being pulled in so many directions. We must cultivate the habit of actually scheduling our weeks! If you need a planner to schedule your upcoming week - download our FREE template below. It's time to take control of your work-life balance and start prioritizing yourself as well as what's most important to you! This free template gives you the outline of everything you'll need to write out what you are going to do each hour of the workday. If you’re planning on working from 8 am-9 am, what are you doing during that hour? Are you going to spend 15 minutes going over emails and 45 minutes working on a project? Write it down and schedule it. This will at least give you some structure to your day!

"The bad news is that time flies - the good news is - you're the pilot!" - Michael Altschuler

At the end of the day, the key to a successful work-life balance is creating the space to be purposeful and intentional in planning the time we have been given.

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