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How and When Should I be Utilizing Instagram?

As a realtor, you have so much to offer and, although there are a lot of realtors out there, there is no one quite like you! You bring a special perspective and there are clients out there dreaming of finding a realtor like you! This is one reason, especially in today’s climate, why social media can be such a useful tool not only to connect with family members but to connect with clients, too.

This may come as a shock to you, but not many realtors use Instagram for their business. Instagram is one of the newer platforms on the social media front and it’s been found that only about 47 percent of real estate agents use Instagram. On the other hand, 99% of millennials and 90% of baby boomers use it actively ( What does this mean for you as a realtor? It means that the majority of people who are buying houses right now are on Instagram so now is your chance to engage with them and win them over!

There is a HUGE opportunity here waiting for you, and we want to teach you a few simple tricks to help you get started on Instagram today!


The most important thing to remember when posting on Social Media is to be authentic. Be yourself! True authenticity shines and others will easily be able to see how special you truly are! When it comes to showing up online as a Realtor you want to appear as an expert in your field (because you are!) If you're stumped on what to post - simply share Real Estate related topics that YOU are passionate about! When you share updates and educational content that excites you, you can be certain it will excite someone else too. You may never know who is patiently waiting for the information you have to share!


Be intentional. Here are RE PIXS we're all about showing up as your authentic self and being intentional about how you live your life on and off of social media! Have you ever sat down and thought about why you’re posting and that what you are posting on Instagram? Have you asked yourself the questions like "is this in alignment with my Real Estate brand?" or "Does this content answer questions for my ideal client?". If you've never thought about these questions here is your sign that this is a great time to pause, reflect, and get some clarity about your content! After you've determined what you're posting, it's time to plan for when you're going to post! Creating a content calendar can help with this. Now, creating an intentional marketing calendar may seem a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to help!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram so that you will be FIRST to snag our FREE content planning worksheet! This content planning worksheet was created specifically for Realtors like you! And is intended to help you come up with intentional content that will help start turning your followers into tangible leads. How exciting is that?!


Know when to post. One thing that will help you tremendously will be figuring out the best times to post on Instagram. Did you know that Monday’s get the least amount of interaction and engagement, while Wednesday’s get the most interaction and engagement? Isn't that crazy?! There is so much data available to you online to help figure out when the best time to post your content is. Pro tip: When you set your Instagram to a Business Account you can easily track your insights and really get a chance to analyze your posts and content.

We know that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there on the internet about when you should post on social media, but guess what?! We have simplified it for you in our upcoming Intentional Marketing course! Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more educational tips and for details about our upcoming course launch. Click here to follow @re_pixs on Instagram!


Use hashtags wisely, they can make all the difference on an Instagram post! If you've never used a hashtag before - don't fret. They're simple little pound signs in front of a word or set of words that turn that word or set of words into a searchable term. Ideally, the hashtags on your posts should be related to what you're sharing as well as hashtags your ideal client might already be following - that way you will show up in their news feed naturally! Isn't that exciting?!

You can add just about any hashtag to your post (and when you type it in, Instagram will automatically tell you how popular it is). While you don’t want to bombard your posts with too many hastags, you do want to make sure you use hashtags that are beneficial to your target audience. Think about what your ideal client would be searching for online. Ask yourself what kind of hashtags your target audience might already be following and use them in your posts!

We've done the research and found the top three hashtags YOU should be using as a Realtor right now! We highly recommend using at least one of these three on your upcoming Instagram posts!

These three hashtags have been found to have the most success rate among realtors. They are the best ones to use to start and should be on ALL of your Instagram captions! If you’d like more hashtag tips and tricks along with some more suggestions for your real estate business, enter your email below to receive your own ideal client hashtag curation worksheet!

And to think - this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to intentionally marketing your business online!

Now, if this seems overwhelming to you, it's okay! We have put together an AMAZING resource for you. The last few months our team has been working so hard behind the scenes to create an entire e-course just for Realtors like you. In today's climate online presence is more important than ever, and moving into the future your business literally depends on it. And you know what? Intentionally showing up online doesn't have to be difficult. We're here to walk you through the entire process of creating, curating, and maintaining a beautiful online presence - starting with Instagram.

Our intentional marketing course is designed to help Realtors like you turn your Instagram page into an authentic and purposeful sales funnel that will capture leads simply by teaching you how to show up online in an intentional way that attracts your ideal clients. You are a gift to this world and it's our goal to help you share your light with others because there is no one quite like you. Your dream clients are out there waiting to find a Realtor as special and unique as you! All you have to do is show up online - and we will show you how.

Sign up to be the first to know about the Intentional Marketing Course - launching soon!

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