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Take Your Listings To New Heights With RE PIXS Licensed Drone Pilots

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

If you've been working with us for a while it's no surprise that we offer drone services for our agents, but we wanted to take you behind the scenes to learn what exactly makes the RE PIXS Drone team special.

First of all, every single Drone Pilot working on the RE PIXS team is licensed through the Federal Aviation Administration. Our drone team goes through hundreds of hours of learning, studying and testing prior to flying on our team. These days it's a requirement to be licensed to fly a drone commercially - but heed caution, you'd be surprised how many businesses are flying drones without proper certification in our area. As a Realtor, it's smart to ask any drone pilot for proof of their Part 107 license to be sure they are compliant with FAA rules and regulations.

Not only are our pilots licensed, but they are also commercially insured. Having insurance to fly a drone for real estate is surprisingly not a requirement! Many professional drone operators who say they are insured are only actually insured for their own personal property damages. Using a drone pilot without commercial insurance could be a huge liability to you and your clients. This is too often overlooked by many real estate professionals. Did you know that RE PIXS also does commercial shoots? We have proudly worked with Nike, Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, US Bank, resorts on the Las Vegas Strip, and so many more big projects! Because of the scope of these high-profile jobs, we are required to have millions of dollars in commercial insurance coverage. This is good news for Realtors because you can rest assured that RE PIXS holds commercial insurance well above and beyond the minimum needed for real estate shoots. When ordering aerial media from us, you can have peace of mind that wherever our drones fly you and your clients are covered.

The reality is that homes on the market now-a-days will sell regardless of what media you use. There is just THAT much demand, however, just because you don't neeeeeed it doesn't mean you shouldn't utilize professional media (Just because a FSBO doesn't neeeeed a Realtor, doesn't mean they shouldn't utilize a professional... catch my drift? 😉). We might be a little biased when it comes to professional real estate media, but we truly care that our agents are represented in the best light possible. Sometimes that means elevating your listings above the rest with aerial drone photos and video.

Want to see some examples? Look below!

There are a few properties we believe should always include drone photos and videos like commercial properties, high-end properties, homes with acreage, a waterfront view, or a stunning mountain scene, just to name a few. Drone photos and video can also be a great way to show proximity to local attractions too, like this amazing Portland home in the video below. Photos alone would not have been enough to capture this unique home!

We also recommend drone photos for every single listing that is built on a slope, a hill, or in a tiered neighborhood. Not only can you get a sense of the area, but with a drone, you can also get close-up shots that complement the structure of a home or building in a unique environment. Check out this example:

Photo from the ground - Photo from the drone - Aerial view of the property

Here at RE PIXS we offer a whole array of drone services including drone photos, drone video, and internal video

(Internal video is shot from our fancy cameras throughout the inside of the home, we do not fly our drones inside - although it would be fun, it's not safe)

You can pick and choose whatever fits your budget and the needs of your listing. We want to reward Realtors who go above and beyond, so we offer a discount when you bundle any of our services together.

Not sure what to order? We have options!

You can order drone photos on their own for $225, or add them to your photo package for $185!

Looking for a video on your upcoming listing?

Drone Video + Internal Video combination starts at $450 for homes up to 3,000 sq ft.

*Pro-tip - add this service to your photo order and save $65!

Don't want video inside the house? No problem!

You can also order an exterior drone video for $325 when booked with regular photos

Drone photos are included in every drone video order!

Have a LOT of listings? Want to save money?

RE PIXS proudly offers bulk order discounts for all of our services.

This option is a fan favorite of our Elite Clients!

Email us at to learn more about the perks to becoming an elite client.

Still curious about pricing?

Call us today to get a quote on your upcoming listing (971) 295-1676

Kyland or Christina will be happy to assist you!

Ready to fly?

Book your shoot by clicking the banner below.

We can't wait to work with you!

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