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Realtors: Step up your social media marketing with these 3 apps!

There are so many different online tools you must learn as a Realtor, it can be really overwhelming to determine which ones are the best to invest your time into. When it comes to social media we believe that Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the apps you should be on as a Realtor. However, juggling what, when, and where to post to social media during your already busy schedule may be a daunting task. Then you add the pressure to write good captions, post beautiful images, and include some sort of call-to-action that will *hopefully* make your efforts all worth it only to hear crickets :( ugh!

We have put together a quick list of the 3 best apps you should be using to improve your social media below!

This easy-to-use online content curation tool is a *must* to create a flawless and cohesive social media feed. Canva is a creative drag and drop app with thousands of free templates to customize for any of your online marketing needs.

Tired of writing captions and posting images every day? Or forgetting to post because you already have so much going on? You’ll want to sign up for Later. This app allows you to schedule out content on all of your social media channels well in advance. We suggest sitting down each month for a couple of hours to plan out your content and then schedule it to post throughout the month.

Have you ever considered creating a lead magnet for your social media channels? Or thought of how your followers can become actual clients? LinkTree is a fantastic way to generate leads on your Instagram page. Since Instagram only allows one link to show up in your bio, linktree offers a solution to posting multiple links within one direct link.

If you’re tired of the guessing games, not having beautifully curated content, and not knowing when to post - we don’t blame you. Social media can be a full-time job if you don’t have the right tools in your back pocket. Our team has been diligently working on a social media course for busy realtors just like you. In this course, we’re going to peel back the curtain on social media and teach you valuable tips and tricks that will improve your online presence AND save you time. If you’re interested in joining the waiting list to be the FIRST to know about it - you can sign up here:

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