Zillow Certified Photographers

RE PIXS is always striving to stay ahead of the market and provide everything an agent needs to market their listings. Earlier this year our entire team officially became Zillow Certified Photographers! This exciting new add-on service has the ability to bump your listings to the top of the search in Zillow generating even more visibility than before. Our team uses the top of the line 3D equipment providing seamless Zillow Video Walk-through tours and the Zillow 3D Virtual Tours.

Why use Zillow 3D tours?

Having a Zillow 3D Walk-through tour bumps your listing up to the top of the search queue, and increased visibility attracts more buyers (Yay!)

What is a Zillow Video Walk-through tour?

Having a Zillow video is an easy way to showcase the layout and special features of a home. A Zillow Video Walk-through Tour is a quick 2 minute video, when this is posted to your listing Zillow automatically moves the listing towards the top of the search page list of Zillow homes. Ready to increase the visibility of your listings and attract more buyers? Book a 3D Zillow Walk-through as an add on for your next listing!

What is a Zillow 3D Virtual Tour?

A 3D virtual tour is a group of 3D Panoramic photos of your listing, this helps potential buyers see more of the space than traditional still photos. These can easily be shared on Facebook for cool interactive ways to showcase your new listings! Ready to take your listings to the next level? Book a Zillow 3D Tour as an add on for your next listing!

Interested in learning more about our services?

Feel free to give us a call at (971) 295-1676 or email us at info@repixs.com

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