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Special Project Spotlight: Twilight Saga House

At RE PIXS, we've had the opportunity to photograph and scan a lot of cool and unique spaces. This list includes hotels in Las Vegas, different McMenamins locations, The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, OR, gorgeous mansions, and many more. One of the most famous spaces we have ever photographed, though, is the house used in the Twilight movies!

In case you didn't know, the movie itself was based in Forks, Washington, which was near the coast. A lot of the filming took place in Oregon, though, because of all our beautiful scenery. While you may know that St. Helens, Washington was featured in the Disney Movie, Halloween Town, did you know that Bella Swan's house in the Twilight movie was also in St. Helens? Pretty cool! What's even cooler is that you can actually rent out the house used in filming in as an Air BNB and stay in these same rooms!! They decorate for Christmas, too, and it's pretty cute! Check it out here!

Take a look at some of the photos the RE PIXS team took, and how they compared to the movie!

What a neat experience for our team! Our photos and the listing agent were even featured in an article!

Not only did we enjoy shooting the Twilight house, but we also love taking twilight photos as well! We know a lot of companies use photoshop to tweak original daytime photos to give it a twilight glow, but here at RE PIXS, we utilize the natural light right before sunset and the lights from inside the home, to make real, authentic-looking twilight photographs.

If you've never given twilight photos a try, let RE PIXS take some for you! This summer alone, we have had our largest number of twilight shoots- we've had some every single week since June! While standard photography can really showcase the home and make it warm and inviting, a twilight shoot can really make the home pop!

Although twilight photos on their own won't necessarily sell a home, they will grab the attention of buyers searching online. In fact, homes with twilight photos get 3x the clicks online vs properties who do not have them.

Twilight photos are also a GREAT way to update your listing, typically when a listing is updated after a week or two on the market it is considered a "stale listing" generating fewer views the longer the listing has been online. However, Realtors who have updated their listing with twilight photos typically see an increase in views even if a home has been on the market for weeks. Twilight photos are a great way to catch the eye of buyers who may have overlooked the property before.

These twilight photos have very beautiful contrasting colors that make them eye-catching! Look at the difference between this daytime photo and the twilight photo of the same house!

What a beautiful difference! The home is so cute in the daytime, has it's own very unique features. But the twilight photos really bring out how luxurious this home is and makes it stand out! Wouldn't you agree?

If you'd like to book your twilight shoot, please let us know on your booking form!

Head over to our booking form to schedule your shoot today! Book Now!

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