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Meet Sam! Our beloved photographer, videographer, and drone pilot!

Meet Sam! If you’ve been working with RE PIXS for a while you’ll definitely recognize this smiling face. Sam has been a part of the team since 2015 and has photographed thousands of homes in the Portland area. She's trained on just about everything we offer.

She's a pro photographer, videographer, 3D Matterport extraordinaire, and one of our licensed Drone Pilots! She was a quick study when it came to getting her drone license because she’s been around pilots her entire life. In fact, Sam’s Dad and Brother are both Pilots for the United States Air Force, so you could say flying is in her blood! She was born in Spain and has moved around throughout the country and different parts of the world throughout her childhood. We’re so thankful this creative soul has made Portland, Oregon her home base. Not only does Sam photograph homes, but she also shares them on social media! Sam is a part of our marketing team and has been so helpful in transforming our brand into what it is today. She is the one behind the scenes running our Facebook and Instagram pages. We're so thankful to have her on our team, we love her, and we know you will too!

Sam's adventurous spirit fills up a lot of her free time outside of work. She loves hiking, kayaking, camping, and simply exploring all the Pacific NW has to offer. When she’s not working, adventuring, or playing in the garden, she daydreams of backpacking through Europe. In fact, that's the next item on her bucket list she’s determined to accomplish (you go girl!).

As you can see, there are so many amazing stories behind each of our team members here at RE PIXS! Sam is an animal lover and was interested in becoming a veterinarian before she fell in love with the fun, creative, flexible art of photography. Sam still combines her love of animals with her love of photography. Recently she traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer at an animal rescue where she spent her days photographing the rescue animals and coordinating volunteers for the center. She even assisted in surgeries and helped with animal treatments. One of her favorite memories was painting the nails of the monkeys during surgery so that when they woke up they would be distracted by the paint color on their nails. This would keep the monkeys from touching any sutures or bandages because they loved their pretty nails! What a unique experience! Check out her amazing photos below!

We also asked her a burning question - who is her favorite Real Estate agent to work with? Her response was “Bev Blume and Denise Crane would definitely make the cut for my Zombie Apocalypse survival group”. We love working with awesome agents like Bev & Denise!

When we asked Sam why she loves working here she said “I enjoy working at RE PIXS for a variety of reasons, its a fun mix of working with agents, exploring different homes, and traveling all around Oregon & Washington. I also love the solid team we have!”

Sam's favorite service we offer at RE PIXS is Drone video and photos because it allows her to get fun creative shots. One time on a shoot Sam had to practice her evasive flying techniques to get away from a Hawk! She safely maneuvered the drone away from this high-speed hawk attack! Way to go Sam! If you’ve never tried drone photos or video on one of your listings, definitely give it a try! You can easily book a drone shoot (or any other service!) with Sam here.

She's fun, she's creative, she's adventurous - she's one of a kind! Every team needs a Sam. Don't you agree? If you've enjoyed working with Sam as much as we have - we would love to know!

Your feedback helps us know how we're doing as a team, and how we can deliver an even better experience for you next time!

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