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Caring for our community during COVID-19

During these last few months the RE PIXS team has been finding creative ways to adapt and pivot with our ever-changing environment. As a small business, we have faced what feels like hurdle after hurdle during this global pandemic, which you can probably relate to as well! As a team, we're continually evolving and looking for new ways to serve our clients and our community in a meaningful and proactive way.

We believe (now more than ever) is the time for all of us to connect our resources and come together for the greater good. We have teamed up with a local restaurant to deliver fresh nutritious meals to Healthcare providers and First Responders who are on the front lines of COVID-19 right here in Portland, Oregon.

For every Real Estate Photoshoot booked with RE PIXS we're delivering 1 meal to local Doctors, Nurses, Police, Fire, and Essential Military personnel through our partnership with Joule Crafted Nutrition. These meals are made of the highest quality ingredients and scientifically designed to boost stamina and increase energy to give these teams on the front lines the ability to get through strenuous days. Not only is every meal free from gluten, sugar, soy, and corn, they're also produced and sourced locally and every ingredient is carefully selected for its nutrient density. And we couldn't be more excited about this partnership!

We have witnessed the owners of Joule Crafted Nutrition pivot over and over again during this season of uncertainty ensuring that their doors (well, delivery doors) remain open so they can continue feeding our community and sourcing food through local small businesses. This a huge reason why we have chosen to team up with Joule crafted nutrition! We're bringing healthy and delicious meals to our healthcare providers, first responders, AND supporting dozens of local small businesses.

Here at RE PIXS, we believe people come first, always. And we know that behind every small business is a group of people trying their best to navigate these uncharted waters. So let's work together to make this dark season a little brighter for all of us! Through the end of June every single photoshoot you book with RE PIXS provides a meal for Doctors, Nurses, Police, Fire, and Essential Military working on the front lines keeping our friends, family, and community safe.

By working with RE PIXS to photograph your listing you're doing 3 things:

1. Feeding our local first responders and health care providers

2. Supporting dozens of local small businesses

3. Fueling our local economy here in Portland, Oregon.

Talk about a win-win-win! How amazing is that?!

Who knew that ordering photos could create positive relationships with our team, our clients, and our community?! If you haven't caught on by now - that's what we're all about!

We will see this through together.

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