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Meet Kyle!

Kyle is a part of our editing team and always ensures our clients are getting the best photos possible.

My Story

My name is Kyle and my role as an Editor at RE PIXS is to edit photographs to look their absolute best for our clients. As a recent college graduate I bring a young and hungry mindset to the team!


I am always looking to learn new things and sharpen my skills as an editor and photographer. I will provide the highest quality of customer service to our clients because of my passion for photography and my passion for ensuring a top-notch finished product. I have always been known for my attention to detail, and when it comes to editing I ensure that all of the details are perfected in order to create the envisioned look and design of an image. 


Outside of work I love to explore the ocean; I spend much of my time along the coast of Florida free diving and photographing underwater wildlife. I use a large underwater housing that allows me to fully submerge and dive with my DSLR camera. I’m always staying connected to the ocean; I even have a large saltwater aquarium in my house.


I love that this job allows me to spend time with my wife and my fish! I’ve been invested in photography for the last 7 years. I started off shooting photos of animals and over time I have become more interested and involved in the professional side of photography. My favorite part about photography is being able to capture a moment of time and express it in a visual way. He always said “Be good, and have some fun” and I carry that with me today. For me, it means being good to others and also remembering to have some fun in everything you do!

My Personal Work

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