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Meet Kyland!

Our awesome Office Assistant. We call him Ky for short. He joined our team in 2021 and is excelling at his role here at RE PIXS. Kyland handles the majority of our phone calls, emails, and scheduling. He is the main point of contact for our office, and if you call or email us chances are high you will communicate with him. He's quick on his toes and memorized all of our pricing. So if you need to book a shoot or get a quote, he's your guy!

My Story

I am the Office Assistant for the RE PIXS office! I schedule and book photoshoots along with troubleshooting most problems clients may run into via email, phone, or during the photoshoot!


I provide insight on our services, prices, and photographer availability/issues. I am the one from the office who will stay in constant contact with you to communicate any updates concerning your shoot. I look forward to providing any information you could possibly need to make your experience at RE PIXS a great experience!


Some positive aspects that I bring to the team are my positive reinforcement, I like to show acknowledgment to our clients and my wonderful coworkers! I like to support our clients' ideas or concerns that they may have on a project we’re doing or simply show you that I genuinely care about you!!


It’s important to me that I provide great customer service to all of our clients. I do not rush our clients when it comes to things they need. My goal is to make you feel heard. I don't mind taking extra time to make sure you’re receiving the BEST of RE PIXS!


Outside of work, I love to cook! I enjoy trekking in the woods or just nature in general! My hobbies include drawing and tattooing (if I’m not outside I’m probably doing one of those things). I currently live right outside Dallas, Texas with my beautiful wife Jaqueline, and our cat named Alinity.


A motto that has always resonated with me is “No es solo vivir, es sentirse vivió” (It’s not just living, it’s feeling alive). Materialistic items can distract you from what you really want! I appreciate every second, of everyone I know and have in my life because tomorrow is not promised and we all deserve to be happy with the life we have!



(971) 295-1676 |

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