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Meet Kelsea!

Kelsea Warren is a Career Wellbeing and Leadership Coach and the Chief Happiness Officer of The Seamless Coach LLC. Her role with RE PIXS includes leadership development and wellbeing coaching, employee check-ins, and strategic consultation.

My Story

Kelseas favorite part of working with RE PIXS is feeling connected to the amazing team and seeing the growth of employees from the inside out.


Outside of RE PIXS, she helps individuals elevate wellbeing so they can have the ingredients they need to show up for themselves and truly love their careers. Kelsea does this by conducting team workshops, 1:1 coaching, and leadership development training for business owners and their teams.


Before becoming a coach, Kelsea was a clinical social worker and therapist which aligns with her holistic approach to career growth and allows her the skills to coach on more than just traditional leadership and employee satisfaction techniques. Kelsea is also the founder of The Seamless Community - her monthly membership for women who are looking for support, education, and coaching around their own career transitions.


Now for the FUN stuff! Kelsea is a pizza connoisseur and can’t leave home without her Birkenstocks. She is an Oregon native, but has lived in various parts of the country and is currently living in North Carolina with her husband Chris, and daughter, Charlotte. Kelsea is an Air Force Spouse and enjoys mentoring others who face similar milspouse experiences. She enjoys lifting weights, going on cruises, and playing in the backyard with her family and 2 fluffy dogs!

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The Seamless Coach

Visit Kelseas website to learn more about her and her programs!

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Work with Kelsea!

If you would like to learn more about working with Kelsea, you can book a free consult call with her. 

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