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Meet Ashley!

The owner and founder of RE PIXS! Ashley started her real estate photography journey after working as a receptionist at Keller Williams while simultaneously going to school for photography. She has hands-on experience in every service we offer! Her days are spent envisioning the next chapters for RE PIXS and leading our executive and management team towards the future.

My Story

I consider myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur and what makes me unique as CEO is my heart-first business philosophy. I *truly* believe to my core that businesses should be led with people over profits. Having a heart-first business means that every choice we make is for the higher good of everyone involved. RE PIXS runs on the relationships we have established with our team, our clients, and our community. I'm so proud of this business and the people behind it!

Not many people know this, but I failed my first-ever college photography class. I loved taking photos so much I kept trying! My grandma (who is the sweetest ever) bought me my first "real" camera from Walmart for $129. It was the most basic DSLR with two kit lenses, it wasn't anything fancy by any means. I started this entire business with that camera. Back then I could have never imagined the operations we're running today! 


If I'm not working you'll catch me hanging out with my fiance Ryan and our pups Wellington and Ruger (they're goodest boys). We love to travel go on adventures together and I dream of owning international property somewhere tropical someday.  I've been lucky enough to lead mission trips to many different countries! I'm so grateful to all the people I've been able to meet, the cultures I've been immersed in, and the memories I'll carry in my heart forever. Check out the photos below for a little sneak peek into my life. 


Anyway, that's enough about me. Don't forget to check out our other team member bios, you'll be very impressed by the talent we have on the RE PIXS team!


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