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Meet Sarah!

One of our talented photographers here at RE PIXS. 

My Story

Here at RE PIXS, my role is a photographer. I hold a BA in Art History and have always been passionate about art and design. I have been practicing photography on and off since I was a teenager and bought my first camera from a thrift store when I was 15. In general, I'm also a huge history nerd, but especially when it comes to the built environment- like the architecture of homes! Getting to see the various architectural styles in historic Portland homes never fails to interest me.


At RE PIXS, it’s great to be able to work with a lovely team that is dedicated to showcasing the unique details of every home we photograph. I’m grateful to be working with such an experienced team that goes above and beyond and does their best to be supportive.


Outside of work, I’m a busy bee; I have a million and two hobbies. Right now you can usually find me roller skating, water coloring, cooking, or tending to my two dozen houseplants. Social justice is also important to me, and I try to give back to my community a few times a month by supporting food justice organizations.


Zac Blume

Absolutely stellar service! Asking for a better team of professionals would be completely out of bounds as these are some of the best in terms of customer service, and quality of work! Whenever anyone asks for a photographer I make sure to send them  to RE PIXS!

The Clark Collective

RE PIXS Team is fantastic! They are reliable, and professional. The photos they take show off the best aspects of our listings. They have great communication and are very responsive to special requests. We highly recommend RE PIXS!

Rick Christensen

RE PIXS was one of, if not the first, in the Portland area to offer Matterport 3-D photo tours of the property.  They have mastered this technology and the results speak for themselves. Especially during COVID times that has been a valuable service.

My Professional Work With RE PIXS

My Personal Work

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