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Meet Sam!

Sam has been on our team a long time, and she is trained in every service we offer. She is sweet and friendly, our clients love her (and so do we!). Sam is a licensed drone pilot, 3D camera operator, and talented photographer. She also helps with our marketing and photos of our lovely team!

My Story

I am known for having a great eye and artistic vision. There are many components that allow this company to run smoothly. My job, and the job of the photographers in the field, is to be the face of the company. Meeting with agents and homeowners, working with them to achieve the best results! I always make sure that if there are any problems while doing the photos, I do whatever it takes to make sure they are the best for our clients. Often, our team makes confident decisions about how a space can change and be altered with the maneuvering of the camera’s angle, its location in regards to obstacles, and highlighting unique features that may otherwise not be obvious.

I really enjoy the aspect of exploring different locations, spaces, and tactility of the real estate we get to shoot. Part of the fun, and artistry comes from conveying the dynamic spaces and quirks of each different location.

I am all over the spectrum of photography. The most intriguing thing for me has always been about seeing the beauty in things and being able to capture that. I enjoy giving people something to hold onto that excites and intrigues them. I think it is very exciting being part of a business on the frontier of so much growth, development, and new technology. We are putting forth such great initiative and have such a fabulous team, it’s hard to not be excited about the future.

Personally, I am most passionate about the relationships and dynamics of whatever subject I am shooting. I am a dork when it comes to science and health, investments, and mental and physical well-being. I am all about community building and I love to organize for my local outdoor adventure group Cascadia Explorers. I enjoy hiking, hanging out with my boyfriend and our dogs (as well as our rotating foster fur babies), going to see music and comedy shows, reading, and long walks on the beach.

I have been doing photography since grade school. I think I really got into it when I got to work in the darkroom at my high school and on into college. I am influenced by being a theater tech and stage designer as well. I think working in these elements gave me a sense of the fantastical, and being able to create whatever you want in a single image. I have a bachelor's in Fine Art, with a specialty in film and photography. I have won a scholastic award in photography, and have had work exhibited in a number of galleries in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Washington state.


Bob Nelson

WOW!!!!!!!   Was I ever impressed with the photography! Sam was able to pick out the best part of each area and capture its finest points.  She is to be complimented!!

Joanna Guerra

Our appointment went really well and the photographer was very friendly and polite while on our property.  Thank you so much and we are looking forward to seeing the results!

Samantha Daw

Thank you so much for helping us with our 360 shoot. We are looking forward to seeing how it all turned out! Our videographer was very friendly and easy to work with.

My Professional Work With RE PIXS

My Personal Work

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