5 Apps To Keep Your Business Organized

When your business is growing and busy season rolls around, so much goes on and sometimes we all get a little crazy and overwhelmed. Why not set yourself up for success and get organized with these 5 great user friendly apps?


Evernote is a great program to organize all your thoughts. This app can be used on both desktop and any smartphone or tablet. It's great becuase you're able to create notebooks or "folders" and within each notebook, you can keep multiple notes and to-do lists, as well as any client notes you might have.


Wouldn't opening up an app and adding it to your to do list within seconds be so much easier than trying to remember it until you write it down later? Well, there's an app for that! Todoist literally is a giant to-do list manager. If you're anything like me, you know that sometimes you open up your computer to work, and don't know where to start, or, you have ideas of things you need to do randomly throughout the day.

Calendar 5

If you're busy, like me, sometimes scheduling everything is what I have to do in order to not forget what is going on. Calendar 5 is here to help! This calendar does exactly that. You can schedule meetings, coffee dates, "me" time, even reminders about when things are due and keep track of this.


Pinterest is all the rage these and Pocket is essentially Pinterest for articles, videos, etc. When you're looking doing research or looking up something online, you might run across something you want to return to later, that you don't have time to look over at the moment, but don't want to forget about it. Just put it in your "Pocket" and save it for later!


Going paperless is the newest trend. Dropbox allows you to do this with ease. You're able to create as many folders as possible, as well as as sharing folders with clients, colleagues, and friends. This is a great place to organize files neatly and it can be accessed on desktop computers, as well as smartphones and tablets!

I hope these apps help make your 2017 even better!




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