Maintaining Your Mental Health During Quarantine

As a Realtor, winter can already be a stressful time. Add Coronavirus, quarantine, and stay at home orders to that mix and it will be a recipe for burnout for anyone. Anyone in the real estate industry right now can feel the pressure of following government regulations for operation, potentially reduced listings, and a need to completely change the way you’ve ever done business. Just know, these worries on top of caring for family, and uncertainty of the world are not unheard. At RE PIXS, we feel these things with you. We want to do what we can NOW to assist our community, our clients, and our employees to stay holistically healthy during this time. That is why we have compiled this list, with the help of our relationship manager (and former therapist), to assist you in navigating these difficult times.

Whether your stress is coming from work, Coronavirus, family or all of the above, these are some simple steps you can take to help mitigate stress and maintain a healthy mindset.

  • ROUTINE: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Maintaining or establishing a routine during this time is one of the best ways to stay on track. Mentally, this will help you plan your day to include, work, planning meals, breaks, parenting (if you are one), and all other things. Of course, it is okay to deviate once in a while, but having, at least, a semi-structured routine to your quarantine days will allow you to reduce stress by planning tasks for the day while feeling accomplished once you have completed them. Creating a healthy routine also includes SLEEP! Yes, I know, Netflix is addicting...but be sure to build in a realistic bed time routine and get an adequate amount of sleep so that you can be ready to tackle the day!

  • GET OUTSIDE: Even if you are working - this is SO important. You can practice social distancing on your porch or in your backyard. You can include your family or take a work call outside. Doing this at least once a day is a chance to get some fresh air, and possibly a fresh mindset!

  • FUEL YOUR BODY: I get it, being stuck at home all day is not the most motivating thing in the world, however, it is important to continue to fuel your body with nourishing food, hydration, and exercise during this time. Staying physically healthy will play a large role in how your mind feels, especially when you are stuck inside. You may not realize it, but going to work every day adds to your typical daily energy expenditure, and by removing that piece, you are likely going to be less active during quarantine. Of course, treat yourself once in a while and have those lazy days, as those things are important for stress reduction as well! BUT, just be aware of how often you are moving, what you are eating, and adjust those things if you notice you start to feel a bit sluggish.

  • STAY GROUNDED: The stress of this whole situation is enough to get to anyone from time to time. Staying grounded at home means something different for each of us. However, if you notice you start to feel overwhelmed, exceptionally stressed out, moody, or have difficulty sleeping, it may be time to practice some grounding techniques. Grounding is a great way to calm yourself down, and get back to baseline when feeling overwhelmed. You can do this by pointing out and naming objects around you, identifying different categories and naming items in those categories, taking a moment to stop and “feel” your body. What is it doing? What is it touching? What is hurting, if anything? Being aware in these ways is an excellent way to take your mind off of the external stressors that come with quarantine. Another great way to stay grounded before you get to that point is to practice mindfulness. By being mindful of situations, content, or even people that stress you out, you can be prepared to enter them in a calmer state, rather than already at a high level of stress or anxiety.

  • REDUCE SCREEN TIME/NEWS: Taking time away from social media, the phone, the news, the tv, etc. will allow you to have some peace and continue to practice being mindful of your environment. For many of us, realtors especially, work is primarily done on the computer and phone, so ensuring you have some time away from the screen will give your mind, and your eyes a break. I’d like to also point out that being mindful of the news, posts on social media and people you follow during this time can have a significant impact on your mental health. I’d encourage you to take a second when reading an article or scrolling through a profile to acknowledge if that content brings peace and happiness or fear and frustration. Now, more than ever, it is time to limit the negativity.

  • ENGAGE WITH OTHERS: Family or not, it is vital to maintain relationships with others. When you ARE engaging in screen time, zoom, Facetime, etc, use it to reach out to old friends, family members, and colleagues. Fill your social tank with those you love and care about, and people that build you up. Share your worries, hopes, and concerns with them. The quarantine can be particularly isolating for those who love interacting with others. If you are this person or know this person, take the time to engage. I promise you will feel fuller after.

  • PRACTICE SELF CARE: This may seem like an obvious one, but I’ve saved it for last for a few reasons. To many, self-care is getting your hair done, going to the gym, golfing, or maybe even shopping. We cannot do those things right now and you may be “forced” to find new ways to care for yourself. This is a great time to identify things that bring you joy that are not related to materialistic things. Take up a new hobby, start a new house project, read a book, learn a new skill. Try all of the things until you can find one that creates a positive impact on your mental health. AND, last but not least, self care is not always DOING something. Practicing self-care also means allowing yourself to mess up from time to time. It means to have compassion with yourself. It means you are okay with “not being okay” because this is a scary time.

Just remember, these tips are not all-inclusive and they can be adjusted to each of you to fit YOUR needs. However, you will have to be able to identify those needs in order to tailor them to your specific situation. If you ever feel the pressure is getting too overwhelming, please let a loved one or trusted professional know. There are many FREE resources available (even online) to help ease the stress during this crazy time. We want to help each of you come out of this healthy, happy, and stronger than ever before. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, post them in the comments below!

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