Virtual Home Tours to the RESCUE!

During this time of uncertainty our team is committed to public health and safety. We prioritize the comfort of our agents as well as their buyers and sellers. That's why we have come up with this amazing deal for you! We believe this time is an opportunity to connect, to try something new, even while we're isolated in our own homes.

Did you know we offer 3D tours for listings?! This is a great way to host your very first virtual open house. Our Matterport technology is like Google Street View, for inside the home!

Want even better news? We're offering it for up-to 75% off right now! Book now!

We don't believe that business needs to shut down. We homo-sapiens have the marvelous ability to evolve, and if that means hustling on a new, better, efficient (and public health boosting) platform, well, we're all about it! So, as we're surfing the internet a bit more than normal these next few weeks lets use this time to increase traffic to your listings.

So pass around those air high-fives and don't let circumstance slow your roll. Order a 3D Matterport tour on your next scheduled photo shoot and receive 50% off (or 75% off if you're an Elite client!) 🎉

Yes! Click here if you'd love to add a Matterport to your upcoming listing!

Crisis give us all an opportunity to reflect on what is important and time to slow down. We each are faced with choosing either fear or gratitude. Lets use this time to come together and focus on what we CAN do instead of what we can't do right now. Let's join teams and keep our small businesses afloat. Together, we will get through this!

Today at RE PIXS we always choose gratitude for our clients, our team, our community, and the opportunity to still do business. We advocate for dependability, upholding our relationships, and taking initiative especially in this crazy times.

We won't let affliction stand in the way of our momentum and we've got your back!

Email us if you have any questions.

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If social distancing effecting your listings and killing your schedule? Don't let the things you can't control stand in the way of your success.

Your sellers don't need to be on hold while society is retreating into it's quiet corners. Utilize 3D Matterport technology to boost your showings online!

We must join together and give all of our best efforts to be responsible, caring, and respectful during a tense time. So if that means cancelling open houses and enjoying tours from wherever your perspective buyer is - that's what we will do! It's a win-win! Your clients and the perspective buyers stay safe and your listing gets more viewings.

There is a full house audience sitting ready and waiting with their smartphones at their fingertips. Now is the time to take full advantage of the masses of potential buyers browsing online, while also harnessing the power of modern technology -

even in the face of infectious evil, you can still be UNSTOPPABLE!

And we're here to make sure of it! Easily book online here.

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Sometimes circumstance gets in the way of everyone's plans, relationships, and intentions. Thank heavens for the INTERNET though! Email us if you have any questions.

Virtual Home Tours to the RESCUE!

Have you had a chance to check out these savvy 3D home tours yet?

Matterport, 3D home tour, online

Matterport Technology

is an amazing feature option when touring a home. It provides articulate detail, and with minimal contact for agents, as well as for your sellers and perspective buyers.

It is a fantastic alternative if you're working with potential buyers who aren't local too! Especially those who have time/resource restraints, and particularly when we are all stuck in self quarantine. 😅

With these tours you can literally step through a home from point to point, look around in 360 degree views, to get a real life vision of the space and structure of a home. Say whaaaat!?

Check out our featured listing on Zillow at 1100 NW Padgett Rd, Hillsboro, OR. below!

Easily take a walk through this home, from the comfort of your own couch!

Viewing on phone? Click here.

This listing is presented by Jessica Crawford with NextHome Realty Connection

Are you ready to increase traffic to your listing?!

Yes! I want a 3D Matterport at 50% off added to my next photo shoot!

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