A Trip To Villa Esperanza

At the end of January, RE PIXS owner, Ashley Miles & manager, Brittany Johnson, were able to go down to Nicaragua for a week to see firsthand what our donations to Sell a Home, Save a Child are being used for. It was an incredible experience for both of them in different ways. Ashley has been down there multiple times over the last year and a half, but this was Brittany's first time.

They've graciously shared their stories and experiences below!

Brittany: "I have always wanted to experience a mission trip. There were always reasons holding me back. It was out of my comfort zone to just pick up and leave to an unknown culture, language barriers, taking the time off work, paying for it, etc. However when RE PIXS offered me the opportunity to go, I just couldn't say no! And I am so glad I didn't. What an experience I had!! I have been back for 2 and a half weeks now and I am still processing the things I saw and felt. While in Managua, Nicaragua I along with my team helped to clean and paint a community school while getting to know the people and the children of the community. It was unbelievably heart wrenching to see the conditions of their living situations, but so humbling to see the joy and pride they had, for what they had!We spent three days (6-8 hours per day) doing hard labor in a humid 90 degree weather. However, when having our daily debriefing before bed we all came to the conclusion; considering most of our jobs are not physically laborious there was nothing stopping us or causing hesitation to keep going. I now strongly feel knowing what a charity does and donating to it is one thing, but to see what it is doing first hand and being a part of it really changes your mentality. With that said I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to put themselves outside of their comfort zone, take a leap of faith and make it happen! Even though the trip was full of heartbreak and sadness, there is so much more good that came from those experiences!"

Ashley: "I am so thankful for our RE PIXS clients! Each photo shoot you book through us we donate to Sell a Home, Save a Child. By choosing to work with us, you’ve allowed us to donate numerous meals, water, clothes, tutoring, and so much more! Because of our involvement with this non-profit we had been lucky enough to travel to Nicaragua to see first hand how our donations are affecting lives. This trip we were able to spend time with girls living at Villa Esperanza, a home for at-risk children saved from living in the garbage dump. Most of these girls have been though serious violence, and abuse. They have also suffered from malnutrition, and weren’t able to go to school prior to living at Villa Esperanza. Because of YOU, we are able to provide them with HOPE for a bright future, and days filled with JOY and laughter. Each time I visit Nicaragua I fall more and more in love with the people, the communities we serve, and the culture. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to give. And for making a huge impact in this world through RE PIXS."

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