How to Win a Competitive Listing!


It's no surprise that the market is still hot and agents really have to make a good impression on their listings! There are so many sellers out there right now!

So what is going to set you apart from the others? Here are some simple tips that will help you stand out from the crowd and win that listing!!

1. Get in contact with the sellers before the initial appointment.

- Get your name out there, get in front of their faces! Send them something that piques their interest and sets you apart from other agents! Show them a little bit of what you have to offer


2. Make sure your presentation is off the charts!

- Give it your all! It's recommended you use an iPad or tablet to be able to pass around

the room so you're not having to deal with papers and brochures. You should be on the

cutting edge and offering the best! Put your branding every where, however, make sure

you're sticking to important facts and not giving too much information.

3. Show off your marketing tactics!

- Show them how you'll market differently from other realtors. Here, it's important to know

about and how to access all of the important aspects of marketing. You should know how

to get professional photos, aerial photos and video, internal video and 3D Matterport

(which RE PIXS can do for you). You should know who your preferred stager is and be

able to offer that to them, as well as all of the other little things that will be important.

4. Impress them by showing off how tech-savvy you are!

- If you're not as tech savvy as you might hope to be, brush up on your skills! Show them

how you are going to promote them online and using it to sell their home quickly. What

helps to sell a home online? Good photography and professional presence (check out our other blog post on that!)

5. Don't forget to follow up- right away!

- After a few hours go by, send over an email. Thank them for your time and ask them if they have other questions. This follow up could be the determining factor on if they agree to sign or not! It's also important to ask what their hesitations are, so you can reaffirm their decision.

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