Enhancing Your Professional Presence

As a real estate agent, your professional image and presence are vital to your reputation in the real estate world. Getting your name out there in the most positive way is going to be the best way to build your clientele.

  1. Your appearance is the biggest and easiest part of enhancing your professional presence. Dress for the job you want! That's exactly the attitude you want to have here!

  2. Take a look at your nonverbal skills and evaluate. For example, if you don't have a strong handshake, practice a stronger one. Also take a look at your posture and facial expressions. These aspects are going to be your first impression to others, so make sure they showing off what you want them too!

  3. A positive and enthusiastic attitude is contagious and can go a long way in the work place.

  4. Make sure you're communicating well and effectively. Proper grammar, punctuation and sentence structure are key!

  5. Lastly, as a real estate agent, your online image is so important. Using professional head shots and listing photos is imperative nowadays. Photos of a home are the first images they see of you online when searching for a house.

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