Boost Your Business By Growing Your Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are everywhere and come in many different forms. Some of the most popular are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and ones becoming more and more popular, like Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+. As we all know, Social Media is a great way to share photos, thoughts, connect with family and friends, near and far, but did you know it's also a great way to boost your business?

As a realtor, using social media can lead to exposure, increased traffic and more leads. Each platform has its one benefit and uses when it comes to growing social media for your business.

Facebook is the primary social media that most realtors have, even those who may not be as tech savvy. There is so much you can do to create a following on Facebook; posting articles, listing, and fun facts, creating a professional page, sharing moments, going "Live", etc. Facebook allows you to tag others in posts, which creates a bigger reach. People on their Facebook pages are now seeing you, and you never know who is looking! You can also schedule posts, so that you're consistently posting, without actually taking the time each day. This will get your name out there because more people are seeing you more often! It also encourages engagement, and you're able to boost posts, meaning Facebook will sponsor a post for a fee- This feature is great to boost listings!

Instagram is so great for the real estate world! You can easily put up fun, creative, posts about your listings, clients, meetings, etc. You can also post here first when your new listings come on the market. Our photographers have adorable signage that say "New Listing" or "Coming Soon" for you to hold and they'll take a picture for you, which is an adorable and fun thing to show your followers!

Twitter is a great tool to reach many followers at one time. Because twitter is such a fast-paced social media tool and very quick and easy to use, you'll be reaching a much wider audience. It's also a great way to be short, sweet and to the point. Stating, "New Listing on 123 X St! 3bd/2ba in SW PDX!" gets the message across and if anyone is looking they can contact you directly. If they know someone who is looking for a property like that, they can easily tag someone and tweet it to them! Just another quick and easy way to get your name out there!

LinkedIn has been around for a while, but not a lot of people use it to the best of their ability. This is a great space to build a professional profile and make connections with others. It's also kind of like a resume, per say, as it highlights all of your best abilities for you.

With all of these great networking resources, your connections should be expanding enourmously!

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