Staging List

Having the proper tools, or at least knowing where to find them, is essential to anyones success. For realtors, prepping your clients to show a house or to be ready to take photographs can sometimes be a challenge. Being able to give them the tools you both need to succeed are even more important. This is true whether or not you are a new agent, or a seasoned agent.

RE PIXS is here to help. We have come up with a great list of helpful staging tips for YOU, as a realtor, to print off, email, fax, text, you name it, to your clients.

Making sure your sellers home is ready is so important to both the staging and showing process. If the house is a mess, it's even more important. Your goal is to have access clutter removed from anywhere that might be seen with the naked eye. The more "things" there are too look at, the less the potential buyers are imagining their own things inside the property. Keep it minimal!

Our staging list is sure to help! Send us an email and we would love to give you our free staging list!

Check out some of our tips!

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