Being Different to Make a Difference

In 2016, RE PIXS partnered with an amazing non-profit called Sell a Home, Save a Child, which is a movement of Real Estate professionals bringing necessary resources to materially poor and vulnerable children around the world. By booking photo shoots with us you are helping support this amazing cause!

Currently, there are 244 children in the child development program. Sell a Home, Save a Child helps both national and international children. The cost for a non-residential child in our program is $114/mo. and the cost for a child in our residential program (meaning they live under our care at all times) costs $570/mo. A small donation really can make a difference!

What is going on at Sell a Home, Save a Child: Les Cayes, Haiti Over the last decade, natural disasters in Haiti have left millions of families displaced (many still living in tents or make-shift shelters) and countless children orphans. Children in the southern region of Les Cayes suffer from polluted water, extreme malnutrition, no medical care, and difficult access to education. Extreme poverty has resulted in many children being trapped in a form of slavery called restavek (there are approximately 400,000 restavek children in Haiti) who are often mistreated and forced to engage in menial tasks, often at the expense of their educations. Some are even physically or sexually abused. Kijabe, Kenya Most of the children in Kijabe, Kenya (many of them AIDS orphans) grow up in extreme poverty, suffering from preventable water-borne illnesses, hunger and malnutrition. Many families cannot afford to send their children to school, and for those who can, it often requires miles of walking barefoot to get there. This is especially dangerous for girls because of a local myth that one can be cured from HIV/AIDS by raping a young girl. At home, meals are sporadic, never more than one a day. Oaxaca, Mexico Oaxaca, Mexico is among the poorest regions in Latin America. Three out of four people here lack access to basic necessities like food, water, education and health care. Most have nothing more than a third or fourth-grade education, and many families are forced to live in one-room, dirt-floor shacks. Children in Oaxaca suffer from malnutrition, neglect and abandonment. They’re often forced to drop out of school to get a low-paying job that traps them in an endless cycle of poverty. This cycle often brings with it drug use, gang membership, and teen pregnancy. Managua, Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua was the location of one of the world’s largest open-air garbage dumps. A community of nearly 2,000 people lived in and off of the trash. Children living in these conditions lacked regular meals, education, medical care, and any hope for a brighter future. Many of the young girls living in the dump were preyed on by older men or even forced into prostitution as young as nine-years-old. The girls in our program here (called Villa Esperanza) come from the Managua city dump or other severely at-risk environments. This is our only residential program, providing these girls with living accommodations, 24-hour-care, vocational training and psychological care.

Speaking of Nicaragua, our CEO, Ashley Miles, just went down and stayed at the Villa Esperanza with a bunch of other amazing Sell a Home, Save a Child members!

The average wage in Nicaragua is $2/day. By becoming a donor you will be helping feed, tutor, and change these kids lives forever. Our hope is to break the cycle of poverty one child at a time.Here are some photos of children in our feeding / school programs in Nicaragua that we were able to visit.Interested in becoming a part of this movement? Check out

Here are some awesome photos that were taken on her recent trip!

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