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Meet Donovan!

Otherwise known as "KP" to our team and his friends. KP is the Senior Editor on our team. He is a master at photo editing and teaching others. He's always looking for ways to improve our editing department and photography team. He stays on top of all new programs and trends and keeps the RE PIXS team running in tip-top shape. He is a vital part of our management team! And our photos wouldn't be as beautiful as they are without him!

My Story

Here at RE PIXS, my roles are both a Photographer and Editor. I have my BFA in “Photography and Design,” and have been in the photography world for over twenty years. I am still very passionate about it! Each of our clients prefers a certain look to the photos that we take. That being said, as an editor, it is very important to ensure specific features, looks, and designs are implemented with each photo session. Just like the rest of our team, I am passionate about giving the absolute best to our clients and making sure the photos we give to them are nothing but perfect. 


Along with playing an important role in RE PIXS, I love that I am able to be with my wife and our animals on a daily basis. You can’t get that with most jobs. I also make it a mission to make at least one person laugh every day! When I’m not working, I always continue my education in photography and this allows our team to be up to date on the latest technology and equipment.


I am also retired, twenty-eight years in the Navy, which plays a large role in how I get the job done professionally. Everything I do on a daily basis follows under RE PIXS motto “The RE PIXS team has a love for providing its very best to our clients and making sure our team has the very best knowledge." 


Some of my awards and accomplishments include two Navy Commendation Medals, as well as the privilege of showing my Fine Art Images in galleries around Portland, Oregon.

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