Ashley Miles


Real estate isn’t a job for the light-hearted. You have to constantly be on your toes, respond to emails lightning fast, and travel all over the place every day. I truly understand all the effort you put into getting each listing!


When the market crashed in 2008 I began photographing foreclosed, or soon-to-be foreclosed homes for BPOs. After the market recovered I transitioned into a management position at a leading real estate office in Portland. Prior to this I had no idea how much paperwork agents had to do, or how hard you guys have to hustle to actually get a listing… Remember those days of door knocking and cold calling? I bet you do. There is a lot of tough competition in real estate! I learned very quickly that the top producers have teams, as well as a long list of go-to quality contractors.


When I created this business I did it solely with you in mind. I thought “hmm… If I was a top producing agent what would I be looking for in a photographer?” The answer is – someone who is professional, reliable, honest, friendly, respectful, timely, and not completely booked out for the next 75 days (haha!).


Good news is that I was able to fulfill all of those needs! During the summer of 2013 I was personally doing 11 photo shoots a day on my crazy days (talk about exhausting!). It is safe to say that I became a true professional real estate photographer after so many photo shoots – but I knew I couldn’t keep it up much longer on my own.  This is how RE PIXS was born.


We take pride in the quality of our work - therefore we hold our entire team to very high standards. When working with us you can rest assured that your photographer (no matter who it is) will be professional, reliable, honest, friendly, respectful, and timely. Having a team of highly skilled contractors is what makes a good realtor become great!


I am so proud of the growth of this business, it is so cool watching your ideas come to life. All I have to say is whatever you put your mind to you can accomplish. Work hard, dream big, and never ever give up!


We can’t wait to work with you!


- Ashley Miles